How do I correct my FEMA zone?

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Learn how to notify the Risk Factor team about an incorrect FEMA zone showing on your property Flood Factor page.

Incorrect FEMA Zone 

The FEMA zone data shown on your property's Flood Factor page is an estimated zoneWe recommend working directly with an outside company to acquire the Flood Determination Certificate for a property or to get the determinations reversed with a Letter of Map Amendment.  Once a certificate is submitted, our team will temporarily remove the property page from within one week and will re-release the page with the updated FEMA zone during the next site update which occurs on a quarterly basis. 

Please note that FEMA zone designations do not impact a property's Flood Factor®. To learn more about what is used to calculate a Flood Factor, please see How is my Flood Factor calculated? In addition, a property's Flood Factor does not impact your need for flood insurance. 

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