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Learn more about the webinars First Street Foundation has held regarding their data and methodologies.

The First Street Foundation has held four webinars on our methodology and data updates. You can find the slides and videos for those below. 

DISCLAIMER: All webinars 2020-2021 refer to Versions 1.0 - 1.3 of the First Street flood data. 

October 2020 Webinar - General First Street Flood Model Methodology

The October 2020 Webinar gave an overview of the general First Street Flood Model methodology. A link to this webinar can be found here; if you are interested in accessing the presentation follow this link.  

This webinar provides an overview of First Street Foundation, who we are, why we exist, and the key differences between First Street Foundation Flood Model and FEMA. The webinar explains the data currently available (as of October 2020) including Flood Factor V1.0, significant findings from our national report, and AWS and data access.

  • Flood Factor V1.0: First Street walks through the incorporation of climate data for future prediction of flood risk. Combining flood risk (tidal, pluvial, fluvial, and surge) is also discussed as well as the incorporation of adaptation into the First Street model.
  • National Report: First Street discusses Risk Factor and its business model centering around transparent, open data. First Street gives an overview of its findings in its national report and gives a deeper look into Florida.
  • AWS and data access: Information on creating an AWS account and accessing First Street’s aggregate data.

The webinar concludes with a discussion about Flood Factor V1.1 and data changes, Data resource sharing, and finally ending in a Q&A.

  • Flood Factor V1.1: This version update covered more properties and refined the data further.
  • Data resource sharing: First Street discusses ways in which users can help improve their flood model. 


November 2020 Webinar - In-Depth First Street Flood Model Methodology

The November 2020 Webinar provides an in-depth look at the First Street Flood Model Methodology. A link to this webinar can be found here; if you want to access the presentation follow this link. Below are details of the outline of this Webinar:

  • First Street Foundation Flood Model Data 
    • Data that went into the model 
    • Incorporating data into the model 
    • Model outputs 
  • Flood Model Methodology 
    • Fluvial, pluvial, tidal, surge models 
    • Quality assurance and model validation 
    • FSF flood risk compared to FEMA 
    • Future flood risk 
  • Flood Factor Scoring System 
    • Interpolation within return periods and across years 
    • Flood Factor Score 
  • First Street Foundation Publicly Available Data 
    • Flood Factor AWS Data 
  • Polling and Q&A


February 2021 Webinar - First Street Pluvial Model and Adaptation Database

The February 2021 Webinar goes into a deeper discussion of First Street’s pluvial model and how flood adaptation was incorporated into the model. You can find links to the webinar as well as the outline below.

Webinar Video

Webinar Notes

Webinar Presentation

  • First Street Foundation Introduction 
    • Who we are
    • How we complement FEMA
    • What goes into our model
  • Pluvial Model
    • Combining flooding from different sources
    • Precipitation data
    • FSF compared to FEMA
    • Baseline protections standards and additional flood protection
  • Adaptation
    • Adaptation feature types and research
    • Incorporating adaptation features into our model
  • FSF Updates
    • Updates to Flood Factor
    • FSF open data through AWS
    • FSF data access form


June 2021 Webinar - First Street Climate Model

The June 2021 Webinar discusses how the First Street Flood Model incorporates climate. You can find links to the webinar as well as the outline below.

Webinar Video

Webinar Notes

Webinar Presentation

  • First Street Foundation 
    • Who we are 
    • Why we exist 
  • Incorporating Climate into the FSF Flood Model
    • Methodology 
    • Current and future risk 
    • Flood Factor scoring system
  • FSF Publicly Available Data: First Street Foundation has its aggregate climate risk statistics publicly available through the following resources 
  • Polling and Q&A


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