How to become a Research Lab member

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Learn more about the Research Lab and how to become a Research Lab member.

The First Street Foundation Research Lab is a group of leading researchers that receive free access to First Street Foundation's parcel-level climate risk data to carry out research focused on examining the social and economic impacts of climate risk in the U.S. In order to become a Research Lab member, you must work and/or study at a university or college. Undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students must have a professor or supervisor on their project in order to become a member of the Lab. If these criteria are met, a potential lab member then must fill out a Research Lab proposal in which they state their research question, how their research differs from other Research Lab questions, their methodology, and their timeline. 

Once the proposal has been submitted, it is reviewed by a team at First Street Foundation. If the proposal is accepted, the potential Research Lab member must review and sign a data agreement. Only professors or supervisors can sign the agreement. When the agreement is signed, Research Lab members receive the data they require for their project and they are added to the First Street website. 

Research Lab members check in regularly with their progress (i.e. every month). Any completed research products (research papers, theses/dissertations, etc.) produced using the First Street Foundation data are to be shared with First Street Foundation.


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