How to renew your Research Lab contract

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Learn more about renewing Research Lab contracts.

Research Lab contracts are valid for one year. When the contract is nearing its end date, you can seek to renew the contract by reaching out to the Help Center. 

First Street Foundation allows Research Lab members access to flood, wildfire, and heat parcel level statistics. The data is distributed through bulk data delivery. Contracts may still mention the API which used to be the method of data delivery. First Street is ok with the API language because in the agreement the following is stated: "Data may be distributed to Customer by First Street via bulk data delivery and/or API access, in First Street’s sole discretion."

When renewing your contract, please let the First Street Foundation know your project progress; data collection, data analysis, drafting manuscript, revising/seeking feedback, submitting for publication, post-submission revisions, complete/published. Adjust your timeline in the renewed contract if necessary. Also, please let First Street know if you require any more data to complete your research.



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