How to add a Research Lab project and/or member to an existing contract

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Learn more about adding projects and members to an existing Research Lab contract.

If you have an existing Research Lab contract with the First Street Foundation and would like to add a new project to your contract, please fill out this proposal form. Once you have completed the form, because you already have signed the use agreement, we can just add new researchers and their research questions to the Research Lab page under your university. 

For new students being added to an existing project, please just inform the First Street Foundation and we can add the new student to your existing agreement and to our Research Lab page.

In summary, for new students who have a new research project: 

  1. Students using the data will have to fill out a short proposal with their research questions which will be added to your user agreement as part of your research team.
  2. Data must be kept secure and only used for the intended purposes detailed in the proposals.
  3. Any completed research products produced by the data should be shared with FSF (research articles, completed theses/dissertations, etc).


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