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Answers to frequently asked questions about Risk Factor pro features and additional risk information.

The Risk Factor Pro provides building specific, climate adjusted estimates of damages and potential damages due to a building’s climate risk, and allows users to customize details about a building to get the most accurate estimate of risk. By providing comprehensive damage estimates, property and community levels of risk, access to risk data for commercial buildings and the ability to personalize features, Risk Factor Pro provides risk information beyond what is freely available on Risk Factor.

Risk Factor Pro serves as a comprehensive climate risk assessment tool that can provide one of a kind insights to homeowners, home buyers, commercial real estate owners, investors, designers and developers. Click here to learn more about the different Risk Factor Pro plans to understand which is best for you.

Where can I see the properties I’ve unlocked?

Once you have created a Risk Factor Pro account you can access any of your unlocked properties by clicking on Purchased Properties in the drop down under your user icon on the upper right side of the screen. Be sure that you have signed into your Risk Factor Pro account to view your purchased properties. 

How do I unlock a Pro property?

Risk Factor pro content and features are only viewable to Risk Factor Pro members who unlock properties either through credits or purchases. Reports are available for all properties and each property has a flood, wildfire, and heat report. Once unlocked, Pro members will be able to view all three reports for their property. When you register one credit is automatically applied to your account to allow you to unlock your first property for free. This free credit will expire one year after registration.

If you have already used the free credit you received when you registered for Risk Factor Pro, you will need to enter your credit card and billing information in order to unlock subsequent properties. You have the option to enter your credit card information or connect your Apple Pay or Google Pay account. To save your payment information for future purchases check Store credit card for future use.

How long do I have access to a property’s Pro features?

You have access to a property’s Risk Factor Pro report for one year.

What are credits and promo codes?

Risk Factor pro content and features are only viewable to Risk Factor Pro members who unlock properties either through credits or purchases. Promo codes can be used to add credits to a Risk Factor Pro account. 

  • Credits: A credit allows a user to unlock a property without having to purchase it via the billing process. One credit is automatically applied to everyone’s account to allow you to unlock your first property for free. This free credit will expire one year after registration. Credits cannot be purchased, however they can be redeemed through promo codes.
  • Promo Codes: A promo code is used to apply credits to a user’s account and can be worth one or more credits. Note, one credit is needed to unlock a property. All promo codes have an expiration date, meaning a specific timeframe where the code can be redeemed to receive credits. 

Publicly viewable residential properties vs Non-publicly viewable commercial properties

Information for commercial or mixed-use properties are only available with Risk Factor Pro. Risk Factor Pro allows you to access additional risk information and features for residential properties. 

If you searched for a property that is classified as commercial or mixed-use or you want access to additional information and features for a residential property you must first create a Risk Factor Pro account. By creating a Risk Factor Pro account you can unlock access to a variety of interactive maps to help better understand a building’s risk, estimated damage costs based on a building’s unique risk, and the ability to customize property details to understand how adaptation and mitigation improvements would lower its risk.

How can I reset my password?

If you are unable to remember your password or would simply like to change it there are two options to reset your password:

1. Reset your password from the Account Settings page:

  • Click the Edit button under the Password field.
  • Fill in the Update your password pop-up form and click Save.

2. Reset your password from the Sign in page:

  • Click Reset here link to reset password
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and click the Reset now link. A password reset email will be sent to your email address.
  • Open the email from Risk Factor Pro and click the Reset Password link.
  • You will be brought to a password reset page. Enter your new password into the required fields and click Reset password.

Where does the initial data on property details come from?

The initial property input data shown comes from local assessor's offices and our 3rd party data provider Lightbox. However, you can customize this information to see how your home’s specific characteristics affect its risk by adjusting things like building material, number of stories, structure size and more.

Can I share my unlocked property with someone else?

At this time Pro members are not able to share the Risk Factor Pro report for a property they have unlocked access to with anyone else. However, our team is continuously looking to improve our product through ongoing site enhancements to ensure we are providing our users with the best experience possible on riskfactor.com.  

How can I adjust information on the public site?

You know your property better than anyone! If you have information you think might be helpful to improve our Risk Models, please let us know by submitting a request through our contact forms.

Please note that this information will not change your property's Flood, Fire, or Heat Factor, but it can help improve the accuracy of our Models, and the information shown on Risk Factor.

In order to improve our Flood Model, please reach out if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Naming Mismatch: Our models match parcel data from official government sources to address data collected from commercial sources. Naming conventions attached to specific parcels and addresses may not exactly match, resulting in naming discrepancies. 
  • Missing Building Footprint: Risk is determined to a home’s building footprint. If the building footprint is missing, risk is determined to the center of the property parcel. If the building footprint is not near the center of the property, the associated risk statistics may not capture all risk to the building structure. Click Flood Maps and view the Current & Future Risk layer. If the red pin isn’t over a dark grey shape outlining the physical structure of the building, the building footprint is missing. Note, it may be helpful to select the flood likelihood Very regular event - 50% likely to make sure the flood layer is not covering the footprint. 


  • Incorrect FEMA Zone: If you believe Flood Factor has listed the incorrect FEMA flood zone for your property, please submit a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to our help center. The FEMA zone information listed on Risk Factor™ is currently an estimated zone. Once submitted through a help center form, we can correct this information.
  • Missing flood control features: Our team is continuing to conduct research on flood control projects around the country and will be continually updating the model based on new information. If you have knowledge of specific completed projects, precise service area extents-of-flood adaptation infrastructure, or spatial data on flood adaptation infrastructure,  please help the team by providing any level of detail you can here.
  • Missing historic flooding event: Flood Factor uses data from the First Street Foundation, which has modeled 57 major river and storm surge floods in the U.S. from  2001 on, and is continually adding more. If you have knowledge of specific historic flooding, we'd love to hear from you. We will investigate historic flooding in the area further and incorporate new information in future updates as appropriate. 


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