Which Risk Factor plan is right for me?

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Understand the difference between Risk Factor, Risk Factor Residential Unlimited, Risk Factor Commercial and Residential Unlimited, and Risk Factor Portfolio and Data Unlimited.

Risk Factor reports include additional risk information beyond what is freely available via Risk Factor. Unlock access to a variety of interactive maps to help better understand a property’s risk, estimated damage costs based on a property’s unique risk, and the ability to customize your home’s characteristics to understand how adaptation and mitigation improvements would lower your risk.

Risk Factor, our original climate risk assessment tool, will remain free to use for residential properties, offering a basic climate risk assessment. Users can also “claim” one property for free to access an in-depth Risk Factor report.

Risk Factor Features

Building-specific risk information

Risk Factor provides more building-specific information. You have the ability to view the estimated damages a property may face from flooding or wildfire, the estimated days to repair or rebuild, estimated cooling costs associated with rising heat, carbon emissions, and more. You can also adjust your home’s characteristics to see how your home’s risk is affected by building material, number of stories, structure size, and more.

High-resolution interactive maps 

With Risk Factor, you unlock access to a variety of interactive maps to help better understand a property’s risk. These high-resolution maps allow you to visualize the extent and severity of flood, wildfire, and heat risk. You can use the interactive maps to understand the exact area that may flood and the depth of the water associated with a flood; visualize where flames from a wildfire may reach, how tall these flames may be, and the intensity of the forecasted wildfires; and identify urban heat islands and the impact they have on local temperatures.

Understand risk within your larger community

A home is only as valuable as the community it is a part of. Identify pockets of risk for residential or commercial buildings in your neighborhood. Know if your local utility or other critical infrastructure is at risk of being damaged or becoming inoperable. Feel confident that social infrastructure such as schools and places of worship aren't at risk.

Personal Use

Risk Factor Residential Unlimited

If you’re a homeowner or home buyer we suggest opting for Risk Factor to unlock single reports for specific properties you'd like to learn more about. Homeowners can benefit from Risk Factor by gaining a better understanding of their property’s risks and learning about impactful solutions to better protect their home and investment. Home buyers can leverage Risk Factor to make more informed buying decisions and understand where adaptation solutions may be necessary to protect their future homes.

Business Use

While commercial and public sector users can benefit from purchasing single Risk Factor property reports, they may find more use from the additional information and ability to purchase a large number of properties available with Risk Factor Unlimited or Portfolio plans. These plans can inform where to build and how to mitigate future risks, building design, purchasing decisions, and investment opportunities; ideal for commercial users who want a better understanding of the long-term climate risk of properties and investments. Risk Factor Unlimited and Portfolio can also be used by members of the public sector to target resilience policies, infrastructure planning, and managed retreat programs.

Risk Factor Commercial and Residential Unlimited

Commercial real estate professionals and those with multiple property holdings can upgrade to a Risk Factor Unlimited subscription, offering 12 months of unlimited nationwide search capability for residential and commercial properties. 

Risk Factor Portfolio and Data Unlimited

Risk Factor Portfolio and Data Unlimited provides unlimited search capability along with access to First Street Foundation’s underlying data and hazard layers through bulk delivery, enabling portfolio reviews or integration into personal data sets.  




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Portfolio and Data

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Number of properties  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Editable building details
Damage estimates
Interactive map access 
Interactive damage functions
Online support from Risk Factor team
Unlimited user logins     
Unlimited searches per user
Unlimited access to bulk data    
Unlimited access to model hazard layers    
Unlimited access to full Risk Factor API    


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