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Resetting your password

If you are unable to remember your password you can reset your password:

    • Go to the reset password page
    • Enter the email address associated with your account
    • Click the send button
    • A password reset email will be sent to your email address.
    • Open the email from Risk Factor and click the Reset Password link.
    • You will be brought to a password reset page. Enter your new password into the required fields and click the Reset password.

What if I never received the link to update my password?

We suggest double-checking the spelling of your email address in your account settings and checking the spam folder to make sure the Reset password link did not get sent there. Additionally, ensure the email address entered matches the email address linked to your Risk Factor account. 


Updating your password 

You can update your password from the Account Settings page:

    • Go to the Account Settings page
    • Click the change password button at the bottom of the page
    • Fill in the Update your password pop-up form and click Save


Email not found

If you try to log in, but are prompted to create a new account it is because we don't have an account for that email.

We suggest double-checking the spelling of your email address. If you created an account with the wrong email address and bought a subscription under that email address, contact support using the support form. 


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