Unlocking Risk Factor Pro Reports  

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Learn how to create an account and access Risk Factor Pro features.

Risk Factor Pro reports include additional risk information beyond what is freely available via Risk Factor. By creating a Risk Factor Pro account you can unlock access to a variety of interactive maps to help better understand a property’s risk, estimated damage costs based on a property’s unique risk, and the ability to customize your home’s characteristics to understand how adaptation and mitigation improvements would lower your risk.

Risk Factor pro content and features are only viewable to Risk Factor Pro members who unlock properties either through credits or purchases. Reports are available for all properties and each property has a flood, wildfire, and heat report. Once unlocked, Pro members will be able to view all three reports for their property.

Creating an account

Information for commercial or mixed-use properties are only available with Risk Factor Pro. Risk Factor Pro allows you to access additional risk information and features for residential and commercial properties. If you searched for a property that is classified as commercial or mixed-use or you want access to additional information and features for a residential property you must first create a Risk Factor Pro account. 

Please follow the steps below to create an account based on the type of property you’re looking to access:

Commercial or mixed-use property

  1. After searching the address of the property you're interested in, click Sign up to create an account and unlock your first property for free.
  2. Fill out the form and then click Sign up again.
  3. Check your email to verify your email address and access your account.
  4. After you sign up you will be able to view the Risk Factor Pro report by clicking Unlock property.


Residential property

  1. Click Unlock Pro Features at the top of the page or click to view a Pro-only feature from the basic property report, such as Explore on map.
  2. Fill out the form and then click Sign up.
  3. Check your email to verify your email address and access your account.
  4. After you sign up you will be able to view the Risk Factor Pro report by clicking Unlock property.


You will not be asked to provide any credit or billing information because one credit is automatically applied to everyone’s account to allow you to unlock your first property for free. If you want to view a sample report click View sample Pro report. If you are trying to access Risk Factor Pro information for a residential property click Go back to basic report if you do not wish to use your free credit on this property.

How do I purchase a property?

If you have already created an account and used your free credit to access a property, you will need to enter your credit card and billing information in order to unlock subsequent properties. To purchase a property:

  • Ensure you are signed into your account 
  • Search the property you want to purchase a Pro report for
  • If this is your first time purchasing a Risk Factor Pro report enter your credit card information or connect your Apple Pay or Google Pay account.
  • Click Pay $100

Customize property inputs

After you unlock a property you can customize the property details to see how your home’s specific  characteristics affect its risk by adjusting things like building material, number of stories, structure size and more. Update the property inputs in the pop-up menu and click Save to store your property’s unique characteristics. 

View all unlocked properties

Once you have created a Risk Factor Pro account you can access any of your unlocked properties by clicking on Purchased Properties in the drop down under your user icon on the upper right side of the screen. You have access to a property’s Risk Factor Pro report for one year. 

Be sure that you have signed into your Risk Factor Pro account to view your purchased properties. 


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